Personal defense

Personal Defense

Karate is an excellent method of self-defense … and the gym regularly promotes ASV Marling preparatory courses for the purpose intended for those who for reasons of work, personal reasons or simply to feel more confident, have decided to improve their defense techniques.

Under the expert guidance of Maestro Bianchi its possible to understand what can be achieved by working on their physical abilities and character, analyzing all those emotional reactions that occur facing danger. The defense course is designed to give, even to people who do not practice sport, the ability to know how to handle unpleasant situations such as aggression, or simply to benefit from the exercise, which is suitable for all ages.

Self-defense Techniques
  • Auto motor activity propedeutics defense
  • Chain of joint locks fundamental
  • Techniques of liberation from the wrist socket
  • Defense techniques from frontal assault
  • Defense techniques from aggression behind
  • Defense from aggression by bare hands or weapons
  • Introduction to fall by rolling
  • Chain of joint locks and key techniques fall
  • Combination of joint locks for subsequent attacks
  • Defense from ground assault
  • Immobilization techniques from control

The self-defense course is open to all (men and women) of ages 15 years and older. It is held on Tuesdays and Fridays from 20:00 until 21:00. Registration is open throughout the year.