Courses for children

karate courses for children

Parents need not worry because the practice of Karate is not dangerous for children, on the contrary, they become agile, robust, and find the right psychical balance. Many exercises unload their aggressiveness while the more timid become more decisive and self-confident. Children perform only basic forms of combat under close supervision where chances of accidents are slim to none. Children learn discipline, develop psychomotor skills, memory and self-control.

The children are our heritage and we feel responsible for educating them to work together, to improve physically and technically, giving them the rules of conduct and mutual respect. The practice of Karate encloses a number of key elements for the harmonious development of the child as:

  • the ability of coordination, which is best developed by the age of 14
  • the elasticity and joint flexibility
  • respect and tolerance
  • attention, responsiveness, accuracy
  • commitment, dedication and respect for the rules
  • the channeling of the excess energy
  • socialization and self-expression

ASV Marling welcomes children and young people with disabilities and works with the Hospital of Merano for the treatment of hyperactivity, paying attention to the functional recovery and supporting the rehabilitation process with the ancient art of Qi Gong.

The doors of the ASV Marling are open to everyone who wants to try to acquire the Art of Karate or appreciate the special atmosphere of harmony and solidarity that you can breathe in our gym.

  • every Tuesday and Friday from 16:00 to 17:00 for children ages of 5 and up
  • every Tuesday and Friday from 17:00 to 18:00 for children with colored belts