the Japanese word
for Karate-Do

Born as a martial art in Okinawa, Japan, that teaches combat and self-defense, over the time the Karate-Do has become a philosophy of life, in search of its ongoing commitment to balance, in teaching to “fight without fighting” to become strong, shaping the character, gaining knowledge and taste in life, learning the ability to smile in adversity and work with determination and with respect for others.

Maurizio Bianchi
Maestro Maurizio Bianchi

“It’s been only five years since the creation of our gym in Marling, and I can say that during this time a lot of young people have started to learn, love and practice Karate with seriousness and professionalism. We are driven by passion for what we do and the realization that through Karate we can become better people. In Karate nobody loses, you either win or you learn!
Some of our athletes have achieved remarkably high levels of technical skill and compete with the best at national and international meets. At the regional level, ASV Marling is greatly admired and appreciated.”